Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Lots of great food - this is the dessert bar...
Pasqua is the Italian word for Easter. It translates "Passover." Pasquetta (-etta at the end of word is diminuative. It usually means small or little.) is celebrated the Monday after Easter. It gives everyone in Italy a long weekend. In general people like to be out doors taking walks and relaxing. It is kind of like a welcome to Spring. Traditionally in our District, several Branches gather in Battipaglia for some fun because we have such a great lawn. This year was no exception. Well, there was one exception. I thought it would be nice if we did some work around the church before we celebrated. So when people arrived, we did a few projects. Mainly, we cleaned out the planter area outside the fence and prepared it for planting.

Never challenge an Italian to a game of fussball...
Noemi Mondelli was in charge of the games and we had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures and videos of our activities. We also practiced our choir numbers for District Conference. I thought it was amazing how such beautiful music followed what appeared to be chaos.

Getting ready for games.
The Mondelli's brought their dog, Nami (like Tsunami). She had a great time. (Double-click on videos to see full screen.)Water balloon volleyball was fun.
Our sisters were practicing for our choir number at District Conference on April 21st. I couldn't believe that from so much chaos came such beautiful music. (This video is a bit long, but it is fun and illustrates the point well.)

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