Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here are some miscellaneous photos I forgot to include in previous blogs.

Geri on one of our one mile walks in Afton as we were preparing to leave on our mission.
Looking our the window of the MTC while taking a break from studying Italian
Early morning temple trip to Mt. Timpanogos Temple in December
Baby Matthew in Grandpa Wagstaff's shoes.
Nearly our "Last Supper" with Roland, Lizzy, Charlotte and Isabel, Ryan and Shelly
Instructions for trash separation in Italy. Different items are picked up each day. For example on Monday, we set out our "dirty" plastic -- that which can't be recycled, i.e. diapers, food wrapers, etc. On Tuesday, we set our food related stuff, i.e. fruit and vegetable peels, uneaten food, etc. On Friday we set out our cardboard and paper. We carry our glass items to a nearby recycling bin. It is quite a complicated system.
Geri's foot after being run over in London Airport by another passenger's luggage carrier - Notice the crease across her foot.
Our mission car with a green bin for recycling glass items in the background
View from our living room balcony, north side toward Salerno - notice the snow capped mountains on the horizon. It is colder than we expected...
This video was taken inside the Maximall. The week before Carnivale, the children dress up in colorful costumes - princesses and princes, knights, etc. They purchase confetti and toss it all over the floor and at each other. This train operates inside the mall and is a fun addition. You see our shopping cart full of stuff. There is a gelateria just down the hall which has delicious ice cream.

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